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04 Jan 2020 - 1 min read The story of how I set up a blog on github pages --Update

This post is taken from my previous blog. My very first post , thought I might keep it around .

It went something like:

I recently started web development and I thought it would be a good idea to make a blog -technically more like a journal- where i can write about stuff am up to, inspired by Rusty Russell’s Coding Blog where he writes about what he has been working on.

As a challenge I thought I would start one from scratch , that’s when I came across the term static websites and to speak truly I wasn’t really into the gist of getting into back-end development.

(Drum Roll)

Enter Jekyll..

With the promise of a static site generation and support for markdown I got into the documentation and surely a few hours later i had a skeleton of a site up and running.

I did enjoy the process and the results.


I made this from scratch , something is probably broken, if found let me know about it.

You have reached the end of the post , you can visit me on twitter or checkout my old blog on github. It is under an MIT license so feel free to use the desing for yourself.